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Intuit Pro Helped Me Fix My Credit Card Reader

I like doing my own accounting. I have been a Quickbooks fan since the first product release. I think I still have an old box with floppy disks in in the back of a closet somewhere here. That was back before you could download software over the Internet. Yes, I am familiar with the sounds of a modem over dial-up. Now I use my phone or tablet to take credit card payments and send invoices to customers. I never needed to call an Intuit support phone number in all those years until I got a new tablet computer.

I could not figure out why the credit card reader would not work sometimes. It kind of makes some customers wary when you have to swipe their credit or debit card twice. I have been asked again and again if I was charging them twice. It is embarrassing. I was not sure if it was the card reader or an app upgrade that was causing the problem. I can fix your fancy front-loading washer with all if its bells and whistles in a few minutes, but I could not figure out if my problem with my accounting software was the card reader or the app. I only had one reader, and it was built into a case for the tablet. I did not want to get a new one if it was not necessary.

The technician at the Intuit support phone number helped me right away. In helping a lot of customers, he had seen this happen before. The fix was fast and easy to do. I was glad it was not the magnetic stripe reader in the tablet case as it was not cheap to buy, and it was no longer under warranty. I am happy to not have to be embarrassed around customers who are already wary about giving me a credit card to swipe on a tablet. I like things to work smoothly.